Maldini: A Look At Pianca’s Palù Collection

The rustling of the wind echoes in the silence of mother nature: a visible reference to canes, producing gentle, evocative and reassuring items of furnishings from Pianca.

Palù is a refined selection of furniture created by Raffaella Mangiarotti for the model Pianca. The new collection is now obtainable locally at Maldini.

Palù portrays a thought of tiny-scale architecture, fashioned from the connection amongst presence and absence. The distinct capabilities of these enhances, a bedside desk and bench seat, are the linear impact of solids and vacant spaces, and profound harmonies.

The framework, manufactured of wooden rods, produces an evocative engage in of complete and vacant spaces, light-weight and shadow. It is a light-weight piece of home furniture that can very easily be positioned in the bed room or in a shiny residing home, subsequent to a sofa. The spherical drawer of the bedside desk subsequently rotates and opens in the direction of the mattress, turning into a functional second shelf. Also, the handle is built-in into the leather-based upholstery and features a polished brass decoration.

The curved look is hence designed making use of a sequence of wood rods that define the space. This signifies a feeling of the restrict in a neat and female series. In addition, the frame embraces suspended volumes, designed out of air: an upholstered seat, a Vienna straw shelf, and tasteful drawers.

Store this hottest assortment from Pianca now out there at Maldini.