Stockholm Gaming Company Gets New Offices That Are Seriously Playful

Studio Stockholm took on the task of giving Swedish gaming developer King a new headquarters that was centrally located and perfectly aligned with the company’s ethos. The resulting design epitomizes King’s motto – “Seriously Playful” – with a candy colored palette and playful furnishings that no doubt put smiles on their employees’ faces.

office interior with colorful furnishings with lights out

Even with the lights off, the office is full of vibrancy and a laid back atmosphere that’s bound to spark inspiration.

colorful office interior with pink welcome desk with cartoon character behind desk

Starting at the reception area with its two-toned pink front desk, there are a series of Dipping Lights by Marset that hang at different lengths in various colors above a pink Faye Toogood Roly Poly Chair for Driade.

office interior of King gaming company with pink welcome desk and colorful lighting

office seating area with pink and blue chairs

modern office seating area with green and rust colored chairs

lavender office table with matching rug and chairs

Shades of purple, green, blue, pink, and yellow elevate every corner of the office space, which is broken up into smaller groupings for various types of working and relaxing.

Modern office interior with colorful furnishings and fixtures

modern office interior with pool table

modern office interior with purple walls and pool table

Marset’s Dipping Lights hang in groups in different settings throughout the office, including over the pool table and seating areas.

sitting area of modern office interior with pink/red plush seating in front of tvs

entry stairs with King logo painted on stair risers

Photos by Per Kristiansen.

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