Steel Commercial Doors Can Save Lives and Valuables

In the wake of the tornados that ripped apart Oklahoma, far too many lives were lost, including the lives of several children. These children (seven in Plaza Towers elementary school) were killed because of the damage caused to their school. Luckily, despite Briarwood Elementary getting leveled, students were able to escape.

These two schools didn’t have a safe room, mostly due to funding issues, meaning that the children and adults inside these buildings were at greater risk of injury or death, versus folks inside Kelley Elementary School, part of Oklahoma’s Moore Public School system. Unlike the two schools that were damaged in the tornado, Kelley Elementary does have a safe room, of sorts. Their safe room is a hallway, actually, large enough to fit staff, students and even passer-by, as was evident during the tornado storm earlier this month. This hallway is outfitted with five steel doors (and Kevlar), making it far safer than many other schools in Oklahoma. Kelley Elementary was spared a direct hit, but if it had suffered damage, the folks inside that safe hallway would have fared a much better chance than their counterparts in the other two schools.

As a business owner, you might not consider the what-ifs of life, including tornados hurricanes, floods or fires. But these disasters happen, every day, and the loss suffered from these disasters can range from loss of property to (tragically) loss of life.

If there’s one lesson to learn from the Oklahoma tornado tragedy, it’s that people not just in Oklahoma, but also across the country, need to be better prepared for the what-ifs in life. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety of your staff, and of your property. One of the quickest and easiest ways to add security to your business is to install steel commercial doors.

You might think to yourself: ” steel commercial door? But it seems so unattractive.” That’s a common misconception by many folks. The fact is that steel doors come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be painted. A great benefit of steel doors is that they are reasonably priced, while offering you quality security.

Steel doors, often called hollow metal doors, are usually made form galvannealed steel, which are durable and can handle the elements. These doors aren’t just for your main entryway. They can be found in stairwells, elevators and closets. They’ve proven their ability to withstand constant moisture and other unfriendly environments, making them the ideal protection against disasters and other unsavory events (like attempted break-ins).

If security is what you strive for, then protect your assets with a steel commercial door.

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