Renting a Detroit Apartment With Bad Credit and a Broken Lease

The “Motor City”, as Detroit has come to be known, is home to over 1 million people and is one of the most vibrant cities in the Great Lakes area. Detroit is a manufacturing center and as such lures many in search of new job opportunities. This means a demand on its many apartments in its numerous neighborhoods namely, Downtown, Midtown, Brush Park, Sherwood Forest, Corktown, Warrendale and Russellwoods. Most of the apartments in these neighborhoods conduct credit and rental history checks to see credit rating and also reveal any prior broken leases in an applicant.

Detroit apartments which lease to applicants with bad credit or a broken lease

Applicants for Detroit apartments who find that they have a prior broken lease or spotty credit end up being denied by the leasing offices. The next step is looking for apartments which will approve despite of this. This is not an easy feat for the simple fact that many which approve subprime applicants do not even advertise. Yellow pages, classified ads and even Craigslist many times do not have this info leaving the applicant with only one tedious option; call the apartments randomly until they find something. This as we have mentioned can be a very frustrating and emotionally-draining exercise especially in a city the size of Detroit.

The easy way

Before renting an apartment in Detroit if you have bad credit or a previous broken lease, the first thing to do is to pull up your credit report. This is easy. Just “Google” the term free credit report and there should be websites that come up. Getting a copy of your free credit report helps you get a snapshot of your financial well-being before the apartment leasing office does. It also gives you a headstart on correcting any errors that may have come in the report. Correcting these errors can raise your score.

Another way off course to find apartments that are lenient towards people with bad credit or broken leases. These apartments are not numerous but they exist throughout Detroit. Finding these apartments means one can cut to the chase and just narrow down on getting approved for the exact unit of their choice. The challenge off course is that these apartments are not easy to locate. Many of them are also located in seedy parts of the city where crime and poverty is high. Many people especially those with children would like to avoid these parts of town and instead rent in a more neighborly zone.

Do you have bad credit or a previous broken lease and are looking for an apartment in Detroit?

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