Refinancing Home Loans – Some Disadvantages

If you are thinking of refinancing your home loan, you must first know the disadvantages of doing so. When you get a refinance loan, you basically make a new loan so that you can pay off your original loan. But here are the disadvantages:

o Costs – When you pay fees to get a loan, it means it will cost money to get a loan. This also means that you may not recoup at lower interest rates for years. Now, the only way to figure this all out is to add up the fees. Get the difference between the old payment and the new payment that you are making. Then divide the difference so that you can get the loan fees. These loan fees should equal the number of months you must pay until your new loan breaks even.

o Amortization – In a case like this, your amortization period will be much longer. You have the option of making it shorter but you might not qualify for the higher payment to begin with. You might also want to pay off the loan faster by paying more each month. So, if you refinance a loan that has 25 years remaining on it and you use a 30-year loan to do that, you will end up with a loan that will last 35 years to pay off.

o Mortgage – This will be larger in the case of refinancing home loans. This is because rolling the costs of the loan on a loan in itself will make it bigger and this can really harm your position in equity.

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