Pink Gorilla Coffee by Plainoddity

As if a gorilla seems ferocious and wild, it is basically a vegetarian animal. The place thought was intended to spotlight the gorilla’s reversal attraction. The sensuous and difficult rock-like appearance is expressed in the form, and the mild temperament is expressed in pink.





Tables and chairs were being built in the kind of a voluminous and crude polygonal condition. The flooring substance also has the shape of a polygon, which was also chosen to emphasize the gorilla’s rugged form.




As for the coloration of the area, we tried using to use as lots of distinctive finishing resources as probable within the exact same pink tone. Pink-pink copper plate, pink travertine marble, and 4 forms of pink tone paint were utilised to make the room appear deeper by making use of dim hues as you go inside of and go up from the base.


Using colored LEDs on the back of the leaning home furniture and mirror, producing a pink shadow gave one more reversal of fun. The landscaping area that evokes the central room utilizes external stones to deliver a feeling of locality like Africa where by gorillas are living. The exterior space is neatly structured, but instead than putting it by means of glass, the exhibit household furniture inside is prolonged to the outside, creating it a signboard that stimulates curiosity.


Architects: Plainoddity Spot: 77 m² Yr: 2022 Images: Choi Yongjoon Guide Architect : Kim Jihye