Homes for Sale – Move in Whatever the Weather

“In this world,” wrote Benjamin Franklin, “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

You might notice he made no mention of the weather.

With homes for sale all year round, you could find your moving day doesn’t quite grant you the perfect meteorological conditions you’d been hoping for. While in this part of the world we do know to be prepared for the worst, we don’t often find ourselves moving house in it.

With a little extra preparation however, a little rain or snow shouldn’t delay you from moving into your new home on the date you had planned.

Movin’ in the rain

Whether purchasing one of our homes for sale to live in or as an investment property, you’ll want to ensure both your belongings and your new home stay dry, undamaged, and show no ill effects from the move.

Anything that could be damaged by impact or water should be covered in moving pads and plastic sheets, while the removal vehicle itself should be checked for leaks that may allow water to damage your belongings.

If you are moving in a season where there is a high chance of rain, which is possible with homes for sale all year round, invest in removal cartons instead of using the old cardboard boxes you may have saved from previous purchases or have been tempted to pick up from the supermarket. When wet, these become soggy, weak, and cause more problems than they solve.

When you arrive at your new property, line the carpets or floor with towels, blankets, or moving pads; anything to protect them from the water and dirt brought in by shoes. You could also form a chain of people to pass your property along, from the truck and into the house, although deciding who would take up the positions in the rain may not be easy.

S’no joke

In the worst of our weather, you may find yourself contending with sleet, snow or ice on your moving day. Much of the advice from above remains the same when protecting your belongings and new house, although these conditions bring their own set of problems too.

When hiring professional movers, it is your responsibility to ensure all driveways and sidewalks are clear and safe for all, at both your old home and new. Prepare shovels, salt and grit for snow clearing and ice prevention.

It’s a good idea also to have a ready supply of hot drinks available for those spending time out in the cold, and a portable heater set up somewhere convenient to allow hands and feet to be warmed every once in a while.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

Although we can’t really know if next Thursday or a week on Monday will be dry or not, we should have a general idea of typical weather patterns for the season. We can also keep an eye on the weather reports leading up to the big day to get some idea of what we may be faced with.

If you had been planning to do the move yourself, perhaps consider hiring the professionals if there looks to be a chance of precipitation.

Professional removal companies really come into their own when the weather is bad, bringing with them not only the extra protective equipment for your belongings but also the knowledge of how best handle the conditions. Not to mention the manpower that saves you lifting and moving everything yourself in the rain or snow.

While summer is a good time to look at homes for sale, not everyone can pick and choose. Indeed, checking homes for sale in the low season may help you to find more of a bargain. Whatever the weather, a little preparation will see you moving into your new home without too many problems.

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