Golden Triangle Tour Packages: Move Into the Land of the Golden Bird

Few words seem necessary to narrate the grandeur of India that was once known as the Land of the Golden Bird – mostly for its silks and spices, and the untold riches of the Kings and Queens of its princely states. The rulers of the land were considered the representatives of God on earth and their palaces were no less than little paradises with intricate trademark architectural styles, finest plush carpets, sparkling massive chandeliers, grand furniture, landscaped gardens, beautifully morphed marble fountains, and all the facilities and amenities one might require for ultimate comfort and enjoyment at all times.

The Golden Triangle Tour Packages of India are immensely popular among international tourists who love the richness of Indian art, architecture and history and offer them a quick glimpse of the essence of affluent India. Classical golden triangle tour packages in India mostly cover Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur – narrating the story of medieval India with Raj puts on one end and the great on the other. The eternal enemies and best of friends, Raj puts and built forts and palaces in their trademark styles, had separate peculiarities of costumes to boast of, followed different religions, and celebrated social ceremonies in different styles. This provides a striking contrast to even the most casual observer.

The extraordinary beauty of some of the most fantastic features of Agra and the abundance of other heritage monuments here lure international tourists to the city. The buildings here show marked differences in the styles that suited different Emperors. Akbar loved red sandstone refined the palaces it built with use of white marble.the master architect, loved marble and was as lavish in his expenses as he wanted while frugal-handed used stone and rubble to build his buildings.

Delhi – the popular host of the Commonwealth Games 2010 – is the Capital of India. As Indian government would want to believe you, the city is ‘Gateway to Your Heart’ with heritage monuments – both medieval and modern. The Red Fort, the, the India Gate, the Lotus Temple, Temple, and the venues of CW are some of the best places in India that form the highlight of North India tour packages.

Jaipur is the place where you can actually experience the life. The luxury heritage hotels extend a warm welcome to their guests in a traditional way – with garlands, and may be a salute by the elephant. The welcome drink re-energizes you while a comfortable king-sized bed in your themed suite of a room with a beautiful view allows you to extend your legs and sleep over your jet lag. A round of golf in the best golf courses in India and riding the elephant to the Amber Fort are some of the other Golden Triangle moments you will never to forget.

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